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MX2 Waterblock display orientation


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Hi everyone,

I have some problems with the MX2 Waterblock display (and R2 Monitor). I had to build the MX2 upside down for this built (rebuild of GFF Events), so whenever Windows is not on (RGB Plus Software running) the display shows liquid temperature upside down. The R2 shows data vertically, while the monitor is installed horizontally.

My questions are:

- how can I permanently flip the MX diaplay (as I had to install it upside down - see picture) and not only through the RGB Plus software, because when I turn off the computer it still shows liquid temperature but upside down (see picture)?

- how can I rotate the R2 image to horizontal permanently as I build it in horizontal and not only in the RGB Plus software, because when I shut off the computer it still displays temperature when all RGB components are down, but it is rotated by 90 degrees (vertical image)

- can I preset the components controlled by the motherboard (MX2, R2, 4x Toughram DDR5) and the ones controlled by the RGB controller (3x Toughfan 12 RGB, DP100-D5 Distroplate) so that the RGB is shut off when I start the computer and then only start coloring when RGB Plus Software kicks in?

- how can I make sure that the MX2 and R2 are shut off when the computer has shut down? Currently they are still showing liquid temperature even though the other RGB components are down?

Thanks for you help


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