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DPS app wont work


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Just got installed a TPG-075D PSU to my PC.

After installing the DPSapp, it does nothing.


Just appears at the taskbar. And thats all.

If i click on the icon nothing happens.

Via right click i got the exit, and the run DPSapp configuration options.

Clicking here on the config, also does nothing.


Got Win7 Ultimate 64-bit, and an Asus Maximus Gene III motherboard.

Java and Flashplayer updated.


The USB is plugged, into the motherboard, and into the PSU also. 


You should get rid of the software R&D coo-workers.....Issues with Volos Mouse, Issues with Shock one 5.1 headset.....now with PSU software.....thats a big lol....







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Apologize for the issues with the DPS App software not working for you.


Please confirm the full part number of the power supply you purchase so we know which model you have exactly.


You downloaded the software directly from the here correct? - http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Power_Supply/Toughpower_Series_/Toughpower_DPS/C_00002388/Toughpower_DPS_G_750W/design.htm


Have you attempted to reinstall the software since your post?


You can also reach us at 800.988.1088 M-F 9AM - 5:30PM and our support and go over the details with you to help.



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It is a Toughpower 750W DPS. Not the G series..,...

the link to the product: http://www.thermaltake.com/Power_Supply/Toughpower_Series_/Toughpower_DPS/C_00002107/Toughpower_DPS_750W/design.htm


The link you provided is for the G series.


The link for the app: http://www.thermaltake.com/Power_Supply/Toughpower_Series_/Toughpower_DPS/C_00002107/Toughpower_DPS_750W/Support.htm



I was uninstalling and reinstalling the software, 2 times.
Same effect. Nothing.


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Thanks for the info, wanted to make sure you had the right software version DPS/DPS G for the model you purchased.


It sounds like the controller on the PSU unit might be defective, give our support a call and let them know you have been working with me to setup an RMA.


Keep me posted if you need any further assistance.

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