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[United Kingdom] Michael Dexter

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  • 4 weeks later...

After having time to learn how the Neon Maker software works with its few bugs and all... It hasn't been such a bad experience at all. It was somewhat daunting at first as I had to work out the kinks but now I feel much more comfortable using the software and building the lighting profiles, which in itself is another experience but also very rewarding and worth the time itself. 

The colours themselves are amazing, as I've, always found with TT lighting so no complaints there and the fans blow more than enough air to keep any modern system cool.

A few shots of the Swafan Ex's, in the next day or so I may do a sneak video preview of some of the profiles I've created. 









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  • 2 weeks later...

So... where do I start? :)

I entered this competition with no insight or previous history of either Neon Maker or creating a video, it has been a challenge for sure but one I've thoroughly enjoyed! 

The first few days with the Neon Maker software was a little daunting but that was purely due to pressure of knowing it is all for competition, that feeling subsided and I felt comfortable using Neon Maker. The profiles you see are what felt good to me, I decided to not take a specific theme as such and maybe this will hurt my votes but the profiles you see and video style is purely 'A piece of my mind', throughout the video you will feel the different stages of one's mind progress through the use of the Neon Maker software and daily life, I've not had much free time due to the school holidays here in the UK and other usual things we find ourselves tied up in, I think you can kind of see this as some of the profiles and stages of the video are quite playful, colourful and energetic but some calmer and even darker stages too, again this plays on the theme of the video 'A piece of my mind' is quite fitting, we all experience things differently and I hope that shows through my video.

Anyways, let me get to the unboxing of these glorious fans, I slid them straight out of the box and hooked them up in the daisy chain style! Instantly blew my mind and was so hyped about this, maybe a little more than I should of been but it felt like a kid getting the best Christmas present who couldn't wait to show them off! The setup was super simple too, the simplest I've ever experienced to date! 1 wire to rule them all, well 3x Swafan EX fans anyway :D This is perfect for the streamlined looked and not so many bulky cables is always a bonus for anyone who cares even a little about cable management and that's not even mentioning the fact you can swap the blades to suit your preferred orientation and setup.  It was a pleasant experience all round with these fans.

Neon Maker software as mentioned above was daunting at first, mostly due to me going in PANIK mode at first but it does also have a few small bugs but in reality they were a none issue in the end. It works well but could do with a few little tweaks, I look forward to the software growing as what TT have done so far with it is quite amazing. :)

Creating the videos was pretty stressful as I have not done any video or editing previously and even if I had I still had no idea on how I should display things or even the little lack of a real theme at the time so this was something I concentrated on mostly, if the end result is seen as good or bad it doesn't matter much, what matters is what I learnt during this time and how I can use it moving forward! I'm proud of my profiles and videos as each and every other should feel about their own content, you can't please everybody. 

I have done 16 videos in total, 1 main video with all 15 of the profiles in and 15 individual videos for each profile, I hope this gives TT the versatility to use them differently and in more places! 😉

Full video included here, I'll post the individual one's when I'm allowed to upload more as right now I've reached my daily limit on YouTube. 

PS: Sorry about the deleted videos above, I've tweaked most of them so thought it would be best to remove the old one's to save any confusion..

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