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[Italy] Marco Di Silvestre

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The intruder in my workshop named Mario said he wants the place on the front of the cabinet and that the top and back panel will have to be completely redone.

I first start working with the old tools of the trade (pen and paper) and then move on to drawing on software and finally processing on laser cutting ✌️



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11 hours ago, Rhoads Pc said:

Well done bro that’s really fun!

Thanks bro, I just saw yours too and I've always liked the diorama style ones which enrich the internal spaces of the cabinet very well and which also give a very nice look externally !

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With the release of the final video of the completed build, I want to thank the Thermaltake team with all my heart.

Thank them first of all for inviting me to this competition, for participating with top level modders around the world.

Thank them also for their mentality and ideas to always develop something innovative that marries both the concept of gaming and maker.

I hope that I have realized a project that is appreciated by all of you.

Thank you for all those who have followed the progress of the work !

Thank you, my dear Andy !

Thank you Kenny for creating an important brand with excellent products and congratulations for his 25 years !

Thanks to all the TT team !

Thanks to all the sponsors : Intel, ASRock, INNO3D, Seagate !



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