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Brand new TT Argent K6 mech keyboard colour profile issue


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Hello all, appreciate any help in advance that I may be able to get.

Have a brand new TT ARGENT K6 RGB Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red which I made a custom lighting profile for, and it worked for 1x day, created through TT iTake Engine downloaded 01/01/24 from TT au website.

Yesterday (02/01/24), suddenly went all light blue (see pic) wont accept ANY colour edits. When hitting apply, even just to change static colour, there is a brief/fast flash and then back to light blue.

Trying to reset with FN + ESC for 5 secs has no effect. Re-installed TT iTake Engine multiple times, unplugged and re-plugged keyboard several times, uninstalled and re-installed TT RGB plus multiple times, no effect.

Keyboard now light blue only and basically a "dumb" keyboard, no smarts at all.

I am new to RGB software, so maybe some easy help is on offer. Maybe I am holding my tongue wrong?

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-03 at 14.25.39_81193a5a.jpg

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Hey thanks for the reply, I had given up thinking I would get a response. I think the firmware is up to date, and I thought this community was a place to look for help, so I havent been any further. Just putting up with an expensive brand new RGB which is really just an _ _B keyboard.

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Problem solved thanks to Thermaltake ANZ - Support. This worked, hope it helps other people with similar issues.

Exert from email from TT ANZ- Support:

"Could you please try the following:
Please open TT RGB Plus > then under Lighting> go to Group> Turn off the Argent K6 > then click on Apply.
Please see below attached image for reference:"


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