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Thermaltake Tough Power DPS G850 W Software Issues

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The software is not loading at all. Despite trying everything. The system does detects USB input device but do not load up and returns a message that Adobe Flash Player is required to process DPS App Software. I already have updated version but its not loading up. I just purchased DPS G850w PSU. This is pathetic.

Thermaltake global website released version 2.3.1 on 2016/02/22 showing it include flash player and .net framework but its still not working. I already have latest .net and flash player versions.


I am using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit version.


Intel Core I5 6600k

Gigabyte z170x Gaming 7


please solve the issue ASAP otherwise its of no use to spend so much to have a DPS with software.

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The Adobe Flash Player installation might not run properly. I would like to ask you to install the Flash player manually.

You could open the following link with the Internet Explorer browser to complete the installation:



The flash player you installed might be concerned as a plug-in for browser, not for the system.

so the DPS G software detects no Flash Player installed in your system.


After the Flash Player is installed manually, the software should be working.

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Did you open the following link with Internet Explorer? Because if you install the flash player with other browsers, the Flash might be installed as a Plug in and only works for the browser. 



If you successfully install the Flash Player in your system, you will see the icon of Flash Player under control panel (see the photo below) 



if you still have difficulties to open the PC app, please feel free to ask and upload the screen capture.

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