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TR2 RX 750W bronze PS Testing


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I have a TR2 RX 750W bronze PS.

My Computer shut off during the night and won't startup.

Pressing the power on button gets no response.

There is power going to the PS. I removed the PS from the computer and would like to test it.

How do I test the power supply? 


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Hi There


For testing your power supply, the first thing is switch off your power supply and unplug all connectors except the powercord.

Next, find a paperclip and make sure it is not wrap with plastic coding and bend it into U shape.

Now, take your 24 pin connector and find the pin with green wire and the other pin with black wire.(Any black wire)

Take your U shape paperclip insert one end to the green wire and the other end to a black wire.

Next, take your molex cable and plug in for your case fan and switch on your power supply.

If your case fan is not spining then it's time to get a new power supply.


Hope it helps and thank you for choosing thermaltake power supply.

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less than a week ago I purchased a Smart Pro RGB 850W 80 plus bronze. Suddenly after installation and two days of system tweaking I notices temp increase inside the MOBO case and noticed the fan was not working. Ho...I know about the Smart Zero Fan etc. ON-OFF switch but did not work in either or. I do not trust this PSU inside all of my brand new hardwear. Anyone with a similar experience or any advice. Aorus Master 550, Rayzen 7, Amd 5700 XT, 64 DDR4 G.Skill. I just want my workstation up and running.  

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Unplug the power cord and then unplug the 24 pin connector to the motherboard. Plug the power cord back in and using a basic testerj ust one with a light that comes on signaling power is flowing. You do this by clipping the aligator clip to bare metal on the chassis and take the other end and touch the individual pins one at a time on the 24 pin connector from the psu. If the light goes on in the handle of the tester , you have power. Repeat this process for the rest of the pins until you have done all of them of 1 or more pins don't light up the tester, then you have a bad psu and need to replace it. If they all show as having power, then the psu is good and you have to do more testing with the rest of the hardware. However it is likely the board is dead and needs to be replaced. But before you do anything, you should check all the connections particularily the power connectionand make sure everything is plugged in properly. Goodluck.

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