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BlackElement software causing window contents to disappear when dragging


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Hi guys


Firstly, thank you for the cool mouse and the great features!


However, I'm experiencing a problem with your mouse software (BlackElement.exe). As long as the software runs, the windows feature "Show window contents while dragging" in the System Properties gets disabled (the according registry entry stays how he was set however...).


How can I disable this behaviour? How does it affect your software when window contents are shown while dragging?


See http://www.thewindowsclub.com/disable-show-windows-contents-while-dragging for information about the setting.


Thank you for the input!


Regards from Switzerland,


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Welcome to the TT community!


Did you just get it or have you had it and everything has been good until now?

If you uninstall the mouse software does everything work without issue?

Try any other mouse to see if you can recreate the issue?


I have seen this with VGA drivers causing issues, but that does not mean that is the problem.


Let us know and will see what we can do to help

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Hi ThermalMike!

I did get the problem from the start since I had the software installer (1-2 Weeks ago) but did not notice until a few days ago.

I got a VGA monitor plugged in in a DVI port (adapter) and a VGA monitor plugged in via converter into a HDMI port.

However I don't have the possibility to uninstall and reinstall now, but since I turner off the application, all the buttons still work, so I'm not in a hurry ;)

Thank you for your reply, and have a nice evening!

Best regards, Florian

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Hi ThermalMike,


I have the same trouble, with Tt black element software, i reinstall windows 10 and everything go right before install mice software.

I disabled the mouse software at windows start up, and go ok, however when software starts with windows the trouble appears again.


Thanks for help me,  this trouble is annoying



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The software may not support Win 10.


See if Command center can solve it: http://www.ttesports.com/files/Product_download/ttesportscommandcenterv1.0230.zip


If not, we will ask our PM team to solve this problem (many software have this problem when they updated Win7 to Win10)

Hi Tt David


I install windows 7 only for test the software and have the same trouble, i test the latest version and the included with the mouse, each one have the same trouble.


Thanks for reply

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