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[USA] Jon Hansz

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Huge thanks to Mainframe Customs for supplying all the sleeving, wire, pins, and connectors.

If you guys haven't used them, you gotta check them out.

So my airbrushes weren't cutting it, so I had to order out a new one.

In the mean time while I wated for those to come in, I blocked the cards, and did a little work on the inside of the case.

I decided to keep the stock backplate. The Asus logo color is controlable from the mobo.

I hand cut several pieces of vinyl for the mobo. I still have to add more in other areas, but you will get the idea.

The radiator and fans are all mounted, and I was working on the reservoir placement.

I think I will build a back plate to cover the holes behind the reservoirs.

Well, the new airbrush came in. It is by fare a night and day difference. I got an Iwata eclipse hp-cs.

The amount of masking I have had to do on this so fare is just crazy.

You wouldn't think it would take that long to just mask somthing off.

So, I got the base color painted on the dragon.

I cant get the airbrush into all the little areas of the dragon, so I will have to do alot hand painting for the shading.

So I have the first layer of shading done. I shaded each and every scale, and a little on the wings.

I will be working from darks to light, so the dragon will get more white from each layer. I am hoping I will only have 2 or 3 more layers.

Also with the deadline being extended another month, I have some other plans as well.



















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Thanks for the awesome feedback guys.

Patientzero, I will throw up a link for voting once it goes live for ya.


The tail is now caught up to were the body is.
There is still one more layer I need to do on the scales.
I have started by hand painting some of the face and will blend it in with the airbrush.
Next There will be some white and greys added.
Hopefully done by this weekend with paint.
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Thanks for the awesome feedback guys. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


I am finally getting over this cold.
The rest of the dragon is finished with the clear coat and I have removed all the masking.
There are a couple touch up spots that I need to hit, but it really came out great.
I still need to apply the TT badge to the front under the claw, but I'm saving that for last.
Apparently my TT dude approves of the results.
I built a backing for 1 of the reservoir.
Taking perforated aluminum, I cut and bent over the edges.
Then I vinyl covered a metal sheet and added it to the back of the aluminum.
I also tore the SLI bridge apart, painted it, and then built a top for it.
It now matches the rest of the theme.
I have this next week off of work, so I should be able to make a lot of head way.
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