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[Germany] Stefan Ulrich

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Thanks mate. Best wishes also to you.

Next on the list was the Head part now.

First, I build the front part were the "nose" should be.
The wooden parts were screwed in an the gaps were filled up. In addition all was primed with
spray filler to see if any section needs some more attention.




To make the head part moveable, small wheels were installed on the inside.
In addition to the two wheel, I places an motor there that will move the head in both
directions, left and right. To move the nose up and down, a servo was also installed.
Looks a bit like a tank now haha.





The two lamps were designed in 3d and than printed. I cut a piece of arcylic pipe and sanded it dull to refract
the light later one.




As in the original, the light should light up when the Dalek is speaking. I hooked up a microphone to an arduino
and made a small sketch to achieve this.


For the light itself, small LED stripes were soldered together and attached to a wooden stick that is places inside the lamp.


The skecht for the arduino is written, that the LEDs will always shine at 20%. When a sound hits the microphone
they will cnahge to 100%.



Then the lamps were painted in a  metalic tone. I also tried some weathering. I will continiue weathering when all parts
are put together and painted.


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This time it will be only a short update.
Got some major problems on the paint job that took some time...

But here we go.
For the "nose/eye" part I needed to cut some acrylic into various discs.
I sanded the surface down and glued them into place.




Then I started to paint the heads part.
Unfortunately I have not looked carefully enough when I was buying the color. I had syntetic one, but all my
colors for weathering are acrylic based. To make it worse, I realized my mistake after I sprayed on the first layers.
So I had to remove all the color...
I went back to the good old methode of dabbing the acrylic color on by hand.
Here you can see the result. I left the lines black to breack up the surface and to get more seperation.


Now I only need to install the lamps and the "nose/eye" and the head is done.

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As im visiting ur log, im always learning something :D thanks for all those modding knowledge stefan, i'll probably try one of ur methods once i have the right amount of money. I was kinda hesitant to make modifications to my PC but thanks to your progress, im kinda taking it as a challenge to have a good build now. XD thanks man

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There is still some work left on the top part.

First, I attached the lights and made sure they are in the same position as in the original Dalek.


Then the eye part was installed. Now I just need to put a counter weight in the back
of the head to get a better balance.



So basically the head piece is done.
Next up. I also painted the upper mid section in the same bronze tone.
In addition, I installed the acrylic pieces and worked on the electric.
I tried to make the cable management as nice as possible.




I will make it so that you can not see the cables through this part. But I did not have the necessary parts on hand
thats why I started working on the mid section again.

I build all the details from wood and attached them directly to the mid section.




Next up, I will close the gaps, sand, prime and paint this part. But the next update will be a bit delay because I am on christmas vacation right now.

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