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Thermaltake Commander FT - FAN LED turn ON-OFF


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Good Morning.


I was searching the Thermaltake Commander FT user's Manual but i didn't find it.


So, if you guys can help me with a simple question about the Fan Controller, I will really appreciate it.


The Thermaltake Commander FT can control Turn on-off FAN LED?


Thank You for the help and sorry for the english! I'm speak Portuguese.







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Is see the link is broken, will get it updated on the websites soon.


The Commander FT is just a fan controller, it will adjust the RPM of the fans by design.


Basically treat it just like if you connected it to your motherboard header, you have the adjustment in the bios just the same.


It just adds convenience with the bay front panel for easy control and of course free up headers on the MB and/or give you more :)

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