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W100 HDD Cage (W-M) alternatives

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Hello all, I've just purchased a W100 case in which I'm planning to mount 14+ 3.5" HDD's. I was expecting to be able to mount up to 20 with the included parts based on the marketing description, but unfortunately I'm finding the supplied cage to be coming up rather short.


Has anyone found compatible HDD mounting solutions that are compatible with this case to suit their needs?


Thanks for your helpful suggestions.



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Hello all,

I also bought this case back in January confident I would get spares thanks to the posts above. I wanted to build a high capacity NAS, including many older harddrives that have maybe 15 years on them but they still work flawlessly. Also Optical drive capacity is a must: on my previous build I had four DVD writers for on the fly copying capabilities, card readers and several mods with fan regulators that take 5.25" spaces.

I must note I live in Spain.

I have contacted Thermaltake in several ways: the mail adress noted above as well as the German and Taiwan customer support mails. I also left the question at the global support web form. Alas, no reply to any of these messages.

If anybody can please provide me the correct contact to order these spares, I would be grateful.

Many thanks!


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It is in fact quite disappointing to see that the support email adress listed for European support in my.thermaltake.com (support@thermaltake.tw) in order to obtain details before asking for eRMA doesn't even exist. 

I tried support@thermaltake.com and my mails are rejected as spam? support@thermaltake.de didn't reply back...

Honestly, I'm very disappointed with Customer support. I have been buying TT products ever since the Orb more tan a decade ago and I would have thought that they would have better customer support service even though I had never needed them.

I will wait one more week and if I still get no response, I will try the eRMA, as you say.

Many thanks!!

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