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Core X71 Multiple Radiators Question


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I'm planning a build with a Core X71 tower and I'm wondering if it's really able to fit all these radiators from EK at once with the described fan configuration



360 x 45mm radiator, push, 3x 120x25mm fans (70mm total)



480 x 25mm radiator, push, 3x 120x25mm fans (50mm total)



360 x 60mm radiator, push/pull, 6x 120x25mm fans (110mm total)


Also if using that configuration at the bottom, will the PSU still fit or it would only fit with a push config @ 85mm total?

I'd like to keep it at the bottom to have more space running the cooling lines


Thank you!!

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Welcome to the forum,


we had mimic your configuration with the Core X71, I am afraid it would not fit what you want to do


1.  the ports of front 480 x 25 rad with or without fan may interfere with the bottom 360 x 60 rad and vice versa, below is a picture for your reference



2. if you manage to get pass by turning the bottom rad around with ports toward the rear of the chassis, you may face issue placing the PSU behind the rad, below is a picture for your reference.



remark: in this setup, your only option is to place the PSU on the top chamber of the chassis


3. For the top rad, you need to be careful on the MB and RAM choice, so your fans will not interfere with the heatsink on the MB and RAM. below is a picture for your reference,



my advice is try to change the front rad to 360 instead of 480, this way you may not face with fitment interference of the rad. 



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You could potentially make this work with any size EK 360 Triple Rad in the bottom left, with a 420 SE at the front so long as your ports are at the top - if you wanted to connect them all at the bottom, then you'd need to use a 360SE and and 420SE with some very close connections in the bottom.

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