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Downside of going mATX?


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I have been planning my new build for a while, and was going to go with a Core P3 + ATX mobo+ Single GPU + 280 Radiator AIO cooler, etc. It will all fit in the P3 very easily and will be a very nicely laid out and (hopefully clean) build. With the announcement of the new Core P1 though, I realize that I could get a mATX version of the mobo I was considering (Asus Strix z270G) which is essentially identical to the ATX version just ....smaller. 




Is there any downside to going with a mATX board? Does the build feel more cramped? Is cable management harder? Heat dissipation worse? 


The P1 has really thrown me for a loop, I can't decide if I like the idea of a smaller case now or not. Would love any opinions or thoughts, thank you!

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