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Riing Premium Corsair Link Software Conflicts

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Has anyone else installed Riing Premium Fans on a PC also running Corsair Link?  I have had nothing but nightmares trying to get this resolved.  Initially it actually caused the waterblock pump to stop.  I was able to get that to fixed, but now whenever I launch the TT Riing RBG Software it causes the corsair fans on my radiator to drop to 900 RPM no matter what setting I have in Corsair Link.  I opened a ticket with TT support, but so far I don't think the person I am corresponding with knows anything about this product.  They actually asked me to change the fan headers the fans were connected to and I had to explain the fans don't connect to the motherboard at all, but rather their controller and it just has a USB connection.  Oh and I definitely agree this is definitely a half baked product.  I tried these as I was a bit fed up with the NZXT CAM software, but even with their software updates constantly breaking things it's a MUCH nicer product.  Also gotta say I feel a bit cheated.  Even the picture on the front of the box shows a configuration that there is no way to achieve with the current state of this software.  Thanks and any help/experience would be appreciated.

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