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Sorry for the missing information on Toughpower DPS G RGB 650W Gold.

we will update the info on the product page as soon as possible.

Toughpower DPS G RGB 650W Gold has OCP, OPP, OVP, UVP, OTP, SCP.

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Have  new 600w DPS,  PS-SPG-0600-DPCBUS-B.

My questions are simple (spec) and partly same as OP.

OCP,  on +12vdc pins. over current protection.

rated at 46amps this rail.

my question is this,  if say the HDD drives shorts ( 1cap shorts) and shorts out the single wire +12vdc to the PSU.  One wire can not handle 46amps, so.... !

does the PSU safely turn off fast, (16mS is fast)

or blow up PSU  or cause the PSU to go wild in any way.

first is FIRE safety, no fire on that 1 wire, shorted, (UL/NEC/NEMA rules USA?)

2nd is no damage to my PC, or the PSU.  ?

do you track with me here? 

this can happen from PSU  is  OFF to on.   (shorted at power on  event)

or the short could happen dynamically when the PC is running. and 1 cap shorts. (on any single wire 12vdc)


2 years now and no full OCP spec on this product line, why? (surely you have lab tests,  or product qualification tests done or?)

the top test lab here, did vast testing on this PSU (and is  winner), but never did this OCP tests, did you?

I guess the DPS will see any short super fast and shut down,  in under 16mS , one AC line sine wave duration time. 60Hz. period. but does it?

thanks  for any help on this topic, that most makers of PSU avoid . Be the first and sales increase, I bet.


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I can answer the persons, question on EMI>  ( there are 2 kinds of EMI noise, conducted and radiated ) (the box is Faraday shield so conducted is the checks)

the spec, is states RIPPLE and all PSU made ever have filters there the best of which are called Pi filters, (C+L+C)  and this PSU has super low Ripple. (hash noise it is)

the reason that all do this is because lacking a filter, the chopper (PWM SMPS) will send tons of hash noise 100kHz  to the MOBO  and the PC will BSOD. 

So all PSU have  good filter here, but DSP is better, they say its 30mV  , ATX spec is 120mV Peak to peak (p-p) the other lines are 50mv max

so  30 is 4 times less noise on the 12vdc lines. (it's only $1 filter, per line, no big deal to make a good design at all .

The load regulation and transient response on this PSU is frankly fabulous .   tested on top independent labs, ask)

what I need is the OCP test data spec.  (for example you can not sell a PCU to IBM/Lenovo if the FAILS to trip at 46amps. (their spec, and many other OEM's the same)

Seem all PSU makers fear, posting OCP test data.  (for sure what it does under all types of shorts on outputs) sadly we must beg..

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The Schaffner Group is the international leader in the development and production of solutions which ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electrical and electronic systems. The North American Power Solutions group offers a broad range of products and services including EMC/EMI filters and chokes first bank credit card.

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