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Tube Fittings - Help needed!

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I'm making a new WC build and trying to have everything ready to go by the time ryzen launches later this month/early next month.


I was planning on using soft tubes (V-tubler 4T) because it seemed easier for a first time and I didn't want to buy all the additional kits and etc needed for hard tubes (though I could be swayed). 


I notice the fittings that thermaltake sells with soft tube kits are different than the G1/4 fittings sold with all the hard tubes. These come in different shapes as well. Are these https://ttstoreusa.com/product/pacific-12-id-x-34-od-compression-chrome/the only ones I can use with the soft tubes or will the G1/4 work as well?


Additionally is there any issue with these fittings on newer waterblocks or are they designed purely for hard tube kits?

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The screw threads are G1/4 with both the Thermaltake Soft tube compression fittings as well as the rigid tube compression fitting. 

Almost everyone that I see uses the G1/4 threading. I think you might be confusing the OD/ID for soft tubing/OD rigid tubing sizes with the fitting thread size. 

The thread is G1/4. You need to make sure you get the correct OD/ID for your soft tubing or Correct OD for your rigid tubing compression fitting if you go that way. 

Also if you want to switch to rigid tubing you just have to buy new (different) compression fittings matching the same OD of your rigid tubing and of course rigid tubing. 

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