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BluePulse - X31 Finished

PaYFrog Customs

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today there are pictures of the "Blue pulse" for you. 
A special thanks for the support of this build goes to Thermaltake Germany.
The project was launched in December in a live stream hold fr - so. After the stream there was a still a few little additions. Including a specially for the mod programmed lighting. This has several effect Modi and color from blue to white. The lightning will be shown in a upcoming videoclip.
Motherboard Tray / rear / front cleaned. 
Power Supply Cover. (SSD Mount and reservoir hole) 
Sleeved custom cable, (MB and pci-e cards separated) Addressable Leds with different effects. 
Intel I7 6800k
Asus x99m WS/SE 
Asus GTX 1070 Strix OC 
Asus Strix Soar
Corsair Vengeance LED 4x8Gb 2666MHz
Thermaltake Smart DPS G680W
Kingston HyperX 480Gb SSD
OCZ 120Gb SSD x2
1Tb + 1Tb + 1,75Tb HDDs
Cooling and Case:
Thermaltake Core x31
Thermaltake Riing 12 white x7
Thermaltake Pacific PT40-D5
Thermaltake Pacific R360 Radiator 25mm
Thermaltake Pacific RL360 Radiator 60mm
Thermaltake Pacific W1 CPU Water Block
Thermaltake C1000 Opaque Coolant White
Thermaltake V-Tubler PETG Tube 500mm (4 pack) x2
Thermaltake Pacific G14 PETG Tube 45-Degree Compression 16mm OD – Chrome
Thermaltake Pacific G14 PETG Tube 90-Degree Compression 16mm OD – Chrome
Thermaltake Pacific PETG Tube 90-Degree Dual Compression 16mm OD - Chrome
EKWB EK-FC1080 GTX Strix - Nickel


Video Links:
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