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[Buildlog] Thermaltake Core x9 - "White Memory"

PaYFrog Customs

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Dear PC enthusiasts, 

today I want to introduce to you my second Thermaltake Core x9 build. This time I want to do something other than last time. I allready made some changes, so you can still see the concept.  



The case will be seperated horizontaly. The lower part of the case will be holding two 480mm/60mm radiators. The new cover on each side of the case will hold one of them. Behind the front I will add an HDD/SSD cage, so you can mount them easily. The PSU will get a new position in the upper of the case. Mounted right behind the front, you got a great view on the PSU and the cables. Next to it I will mount the reservoir and go straight to the midplate into the lower section of the case. To get a good view all over the case I will install acrylic plates in the top and both sides. 


Hope you like this build. 
Stay tuned

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It's been some time since the last update on this project. This can be seen in the "Progress Photos" too. 1f609.png;)

Apart from the dust, what happened? -

- the radiators (2 x 480 mm / 60 mm) and fans have now found space in the lower chamber.
- the wiring was largely completed (io is still missing).
- the pass trough by the midplate has been tested; close!
- the system has been filled.

The final work will be completed in the next few days. Then everything will be removed from the dust again.







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