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[Australia] Ethan Cooper

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Now to make a full scale sword! :D

^^ This is what im trying to achieve

The blade is 2 sheets of 3mm MDF glued to a sheet of 3mm acrylic and shaped. 



Constructing the Hilt. Made the same way as the sword



^ Primer



Starting on the handle




For those that havent figured it out. Im building a King Arthur PC :D

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Starting to put the insides together. Merlin's Lab is chaotic which i think represents the character well :)


Pipes run down to passthroughs. Coolant will be blue when its all filled :)



Crazy happy with how the table and chairs have turned out! My replacement RAM also arrived hence the 2 colours as 1 stick arrived broken. 

GPU is a RX480 as my 1070 also arrived broken... Australian Couriers must really hate me... 

I made all the tables and chairs. Books, glasses and little bottles were purchased from a miniature store. 


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