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[Russia] Kozlov Konstantin

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Greetings to all. Finally I have got around and there was time. Tell us a bit about plans and thoughts. Tower 900 this is a lovely spacious enclosure in which you can implement quite interesting projects. But I still see a universal system all in one matter of fact I will try to implement. in the meantime, all the glands going.


A few photos for starters.




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Exactly my concept of the system should be compact and productive.


Finally milled panels, now it became clear where that should be tightened. Generally work for the day and everything should be like a native.


the main feature that the upper part team as the sandwich factory and will be used I\O panel.

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Greetings friends.

ON the question whether it is possible to mix the liquid the simple Answer is Yes, if its composition is the same true with the liquid type "pastel" can not ride because it has a dense color.

Some time passed and now that has changed.

1) was added 2-tube light is made of standard 50 cm tubes and fittings Thermaltake Thermaltake c RGB backlight.

2) Estimate the so-called sole the one in the middle.

3) there are 2 radiator from Thermaltake RL 480.

4) Also, while trying on tanks with pumps them there is the place in my opinion.

And what happened photo))



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On 22.05.2017 at 10:15 PM, FilLis said:

Могучая и веселая такая начинка получается... Mighty and funny such a filling is obtained.

Да вполне норм на современные игрушки ее хватит, а концепт подразумевает компактную систему для игр.

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Greetings friends. After some thought I decided to make a controller. In the project there will be many devices with RGB backlight and do not want to fence the garland of the wires of the control units. This quickly decided to make a controller to control the whole electrical project. Here's some specifications that will make the controller

- 2 channel stepper motors
technology quiet control stepper motor StealthChop
channel for 12V RGB strips
channel for RGB backlight Thermaltake
channel managed LEDs WS2812B
- the ability to connect an external display
- 4 analog inputs for sensors


to tradition photos while only the Board itself without soldering )))


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Completed work on the painting a bit of the photo. The paint is very neatly laid I painted all by hand. Stand the plan is to spin now I think over the mechanism of the photo painted in Matt black. Radiators in its final form will be combined in two colors black core and red side is a very bright combination of turns, also fasteners also are planned in red color in General to fasteners photo a little later. Finally finished soldering the result is also in the photo.


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Hi All )

Decided to make a quick anpak mechanical sensor of fluid flow from the company Thermaltake.
Of the key features are the following:
1) the Materials from which made the inner elements ABS plastic skimmers and the impeller and PETG tube with a length of 85 mm, as the case
2) sets: a large set of unnecessary pamphlets, the flow sensor (with mounted red impeller, and two red skimmers (part-time stops for the impeller) inlet and outlet), 2 replacement impeller (white and black), 2 sets of interchangeable skimmers (stops) respectively, one set white, the second black color
3) Two compression fitting in black with internal thread G1/4

From myself I will add: the design is a simple one, it is a mechanical flow sensor, end fittings have only one drawback (and it's painted pretty well) on other fronts without complaints, a total of 3 o-rings on each fitting, the ability to combine. In the end, you can use:).


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