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[Russia] Kozlov Konstantin

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On 02.06.2017 at 11:16 AM, bundymania said:

Good Luck in the competition !

Thank You! 


Hello, I made another unboxing

Second oldest model among the Thermaltake radiators of size 282.5x129x64 mm and intended for installation of two 120 mm fans. Package comes with 8 long screws M3 30 mm 4 screws M3, 8 mm long and 3 plugs with thread G1/4” and a special key for them. A distinctive feature of the RL series radiators – availability of ports G1/4” on both sides of the radiator, which in some cases greatly simplifies the wiring of the circuit. RL240 made of galvanized aluminum, the stated density is a 14 FPI (fins per inch).


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Hi Friends finally finished with the painting and fitting of all elements and proceeded to final Assembly.

In General, the work was done and not a little, a lot of photos that motivate the parts to do did not, although almost the entire kit is made of plastic, before painting it I had to motivate, to ground, and only then paint the layer was smooth and neat. In the end, all painted the very ordinary nitroenamels.

Frosted detail


Painted the sides of the radiator.


Painted fasteners for the radiator.


Tried figured design.


The project decided to keep the back housing, but very empty, actually it looked in the end cut stencils took the rolls of the brush and raced for almost a day life was lost but the result was worth it.

Photo below.


The result of the photo, I hope Yandex translator did not deceive me. )))


Before you start assembling the building, to assemble and install the engines for the lifting mechanism.

Accordingly, photos of the buildings in the analysis and collection below.


Further gathered guide where you will attach the monitor to establish mechanisms for shafts. Traditionally the photo below.


It now remains to mount all began with the Assembly of panels and installation of fixing arrangements for guides photo also below)


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Hi friends.
A little late with photos and project, but that was the reason.)
A little about the work done 
1) Identified tanks
2) For the fitting screwed back wall
3) Finally marked out, and screwed the tray to the motherboard
4) For fitting attach the monitor looks good)

In General, I began the process of final Assembly.
According to the plans be customized to the end fit to the motherboard, to suit all chassis, wait for the fans and power supply and finally to collect electrician.


And today came another package from TT.


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