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Riing 14 RGB dont work


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I bought 2 riing 14 RGB and i installed em on my asus maximus ix formula motherboard on a external fan pin head.

I connected that box with 2 fans and the main connector on external fan pin head on the motherboard.


The fans is spinning and chaning colours but the 3 bottons on that controler box dont do anything and the light is glowing red on the one box and blue on the other box i have. i guess one of em is broken ?


The sotware dont do anything either..so what am i am doing wrong here ?


Fans spins and change colours fine but i have no controle over em...

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Connect all Tt Riing fans to the one controller.

Then the fan controller to any of the fan headers on the mobo.  The headers are used for power only.


Set just one controller box for your pc, as you can connect 3 fans to each controller.

Red light is high fan speed, blue light is low fan speed.


No need for the software, it is only for the Tt Premium Riing Plus 12 and 14 RGB fans, and will not work with the standard TT Riing RGB fans.


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