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Meka G1 annoyng problem


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Hi guys, I have an annoyng problem with my meka g1 an my new ryzen configuration (AsRock x370 fatl1ty k4 + r5 1600).

At startup of pc the keyboard is not detected, nothing works and I can't also access to BIOS, I must unplug the usb cable and plug it again to see keyboard's led power on and use it.

I try to change usb port (rear and front), update chipset, update BIOS to last version, delete standard driver an reinstall it but nothing change, the strange thing is that the other usb peripherals like printer or  mouse works great, only meka have this behavior.

Someone have a similar situation or solved this.

I hope in your support ;)


P.S: sorry for my english....

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Hi David, yes the keyboard work on other computer. Another singulatity is that the keyboard not work when I remove the Ac power cord. If shutdown but not remove Ac power it work great. At this point I presume it's a strange incompatibility between kb and my x370 mobo. I have no other ideas...


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