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Floe Riing 360 AIO cooler. Leak out of the box?


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Just purchased the Floe Riing 360, and right at the two seals on the water block has a leak.

I have a replacement on the way, but is this something that typically happens with this brand?

Should I take the chance and use this to cool my 7700k with the potential of another leak down the road even?

Aren't these made to last for 5 years?

Do you guys offer a warranty that covers my computer if it leaks and causes damage?

I love the look of the AIO, but I'm so nervous I might have to buy the NZXT cooler instead. :(

To confirm also, does this AIO mount using the 3 brackets you sell for the P5?

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Sorry for the issues with the cooler, glad to see you are already working with our support.

Normally this is not something you see much, but nothing is a guarantee, we also work with Astek on the cooling, which is imo, the best in the industry.

Thermaltake offers a 3 year warranty on the product. We do not offer in our warranty, coolant damage or physical damage to other manufacture parts. We do cover our products which you will see is the same for everyone when it comes to this.

Yes, the AIO bracket would be needed for the Core P5 to mount properly, if you do not have the case already, I would suggest the Core P3 TG as a nice alternative with it's native AIO mounting.

Call our support if you need anything further 800.988.1088

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Thanks for getting back to me.

I received my replacement, and I have another question.

Do you guys use grease or lube when attaching the tubes to the radiator?

On both of them that attach, it's either leaking or something else.

Also, the AIO always makes a loud swishing sound like there is air trapped, sometimes while running it will randomly make a swishing sound.


Starting to worry about using this AIO for the sake of my computer down the road...

Thanks for the help.


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Pic looks normal to me, wrap it in a paper towel and see if it really is leaking, you should know pretty quick with general use.

For the pump noise, this is common early on, once it settles (Bubbles going through the pump) it should be fine.

You will know more in a few days what is going on. Keep us posted :)

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What is the expected lifetime on these?


You can probably see fuzz on the part i circled, being that i already removed the water/leak with a q-tip. 

I sent the pic only to show you where it is i'm talking about, so you could confirm if you guys grease these fittings or if it is in fact water...

Aren't these supposed to be completely sealed?

Amazon now sending me my third replacement. I can only hope that it doesn't leak. 

My entire build is around this AIO, without the radiator and the 3 fans, my p5 case will look empty and stupid...

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Another thing just to mention, we are checking the stock here to since you brought it up to see if we find any issues.

I have personally build a few demo systems now with this and have not had that issue.

Going back to say our older Water 3.0 products, we see this when the tube is stretch/twisted to much causing this kind of leak.

I would also suggest if you are seeing "More leaking" stop using it ASAP. Not worth it causing any damage to other components.

Amazon should be one of the fastest ways to get it replaced. Keep us posted on this.

We can always RMA it for you and test the replacement if needed.

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