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PSU problem


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I have problem with TT TR2 RX 1200W. The problem is when PSU is on on MB sleep led is on, then when i press power button on PC, Its sturted all fan started for several spin and immidiatly all shuts down, even sleep led is off on MB. After 10-15 seconds when this MB led again started lid, i press power button on PC and it starts and work.

I have thinkin that problem in MB or something, so i swap PSU with my other PC and problem stick with PSU, now other PC have same behaviour.

So problem definetly in PSU, but what it could be? It worked but not as intended to do.

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Hi W1zzard

Could you provide what MB you use and Serial Number on your TR2 RX 1200W?

This problem probably caused by unbalance loading between 12V/ 5V/ 3.3V

If I remember correctly, Intel has a c6/c7 requirement on all power supply since 2013, specially aiming on sleep mode.

TR2 RX 1200W is an old model and may not design according to C6/C7.

But it could be a malfunction also.

Mean while you can contact our customer services for possible replacement.

Customer Service: 

USA/Canada/South America:


Australia/ New Zealand

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Yep you right its not new, here  is number "TRX1200MPCEUAHF000752"  is it serial?

I test it on 3 different MB:

1) asus p8p67evo quite old one.

2) asrock 990FX extreeme3

3) new one asus ROG strix z370

And with all of them same problem, hovewer different PSU which i bought even earlier then TT works fine with all of them, so problem definetly in PSU.

I bought it about 3 years ago and dont know is replacemnt possible at all now, and iam live in Russia.

Just want to know why is it happen, because it happen unexpectedly after a 1.5 year of use, i thinking that it was MB problem and been able to test it with other MB only now.


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Hi W1zzard

Thanks for the information, I guess this problem is due to 5V. sb not sending the correct power good signal to mother board correctly.

I will pass to our R&D department to continue study on this issue.

I think you have very good chance to get a replacement because if i am correct, TRX's warranty is 3 year.

Here is the customer service email ( cs3@thermaltake.com.tw ) please contact them for further assist.


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