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Question about motherboard tray Core P5/P7


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So I'm putting together my Core P7 and am looking at the supplied motherboard tray, is this designed so that you can rotate the motherboard 90 degrees and have the I/O ports vertical?

I have not seen any photos of any installations set up this way no matter how I search. Using the tray seems to block the wire management ports as well so I'm wondering why you would do this other than to have your I/O ports exit out the top to hide your cables around the back?

Can someone give me some insight into this please?



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Yes, the tray is designed for vertical mounting. The cable management should not be bad from what I have seen in several builds from TT and modders around.

Best feature to this is the GPU's will now be vertical, takes stress off the PCI-E slot and no GPU sag. (you dont have to do it, it is just optional)

For any visuals, just see our website on it:


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