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Just wanted to show off my new custom loop I just finished Building.  Core V31 Case, MSI Gaming M5 Mobo, I7-7700k Overclocked to 5.3 GHZ, 8GBx2 Hyper X Savage DDR4 Ram overclocked to 3000MHZ, EVGA GTX 1080 SC2 with EKWB Waterblock, Raystorm Pro CPU waterblock, ThermalTake Pump and reservoir combo, a 280mm Radiator and a 360mm Radiator with Corsair Fans, custom RGB LED setup.  Also I made that custom RGB GPU backplate with 6661 in it.  A BlueRay DVDRW Drive, SSD and SSHD Drive.  Random Carbon Fiber pieces.  Hard Tubing and random XSPC triple seal Fittings.  About to try and start my next build for the University Of Alabama's 2017 National Championship Win.  Thinking of going for "The Case 900" with the MSI gaming M7 motherboard, Hard Tubing, 2 Thermaltake d5 pump reservoir combos, my gtx 1080 with a custom LED backplate of some style to represent The University Of Alabama.  A black Supremacy EVO waterblock.  Still Gonna use hard tubing but thinking of going with a grey and red coolant color scheme.

thumbnail (1).jpg

thumbnail (2).jpg

thumbnail (3).jpg

thumbnail (4).jpg

thumbnail (5).jpg


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