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Accessories for the Core X71 series


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So I bought a Core X71 Tempered Glass edition case for a HEDT build. I have the case configured already, but I have a few questions. Firstly, the case is huge. While not as big as the Core WP series, I still think it's size is towering compared to my past builds that I'm surprised that it's not classified as a super tower. Because of it's size, I would like to have castor wheels on it instead of stands, because it's clear that this build won't ever have a place on my desk. Is it possible to fit the castor wheels for the Core WP series cases onto the Core X series cases? If yes, where can I buy the wheels?

Secondly, I want to buy another set of drive bays so I can have 6 drives attached to the case to do RAID-50 (my plan is to create two RAID-5 arrays in BIOS then join these two arrays in a RAID-0 using Windows Storage Spaces). The front panel mounting is full as I already used the space for a Commander FT and a second set of USB3 and USB2 ports. I know I can move the stand and bays from the main compartment to the lower compartment, meaning I can install a second set in the lower compartment as well as keep the first set on the main compartment. How do I order another set of drive stands and bays to use for this?

Thanks in advance.

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