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Core P1 Build; Help?


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Greetings all; working on a mini-ITX build, featuring some ThermalTake tech, and hit a few snags ...was hoping you all could assist.P1CoreBuild-01.thumb.png.5a2cab59eeaaa4dedf118766f5a096b1.png
Components List:

Intel i7-7700K
ASUS Z270i mini-ITX
G-Skill TridentZ RGB 2x16GB3600
Samsung 960 Pro M.2 512GB
ASUS Poseidon GTX 1080 Ti
ThermalTake Core P1
ThermalTake Toughpower iRGB Plus 850W
ThermalTake Floe TT Premium 240mm

So, I got most everything hooked up, but haven't even bothered with the GPU until I have all the wiring figured out ...and that's the problem.
Regarding the Radiator/Heatsink; the data(?) cable for the lighting controller has three connectors:

  1. Two connectors are USB Micro-B's; one for the controller, and the other to go ...where? - into a hypothetical second controller?
  2. The other connector is a female 9-pin, with a blocked top-right/bottom-left, presumably for the motherboard ...except the ASUS Z270i doesn't appear to have an appropriate header. Closest thing I could find was an 'RGB_Header' male 4-pin, which seems to be specifically for light strips.P1CoreBuild-02.png.6faf29dc14521af8f2f84ae59dea755a.png

Regarding the PSU:

  1. Again, has a USB Mini-B(?) connector, with a female 9-pin on the end, presumably for the motherboard, yet no appropriate header seems viable.

General queries:

  1. Any chance all the RGB stuff can sync up? - between the ThermaleTake PSU, x2 Fans, and Pump ...and the ASUS Sync mobo, GPU, and RAM.
  2. I put the radiator dead-center in the available bay; any preferences regarding position? - all the way to the top? - all the way to the bottom? - water lines coming from the bottom? - etc.
  3. Is there even a difference between the stock Riser Cable I got with the P1 case and the 'TT Gaming' PCI-E Extender? - how could I tell the difference between the two? - if there is a difference, why was the P1 even shipped with the 'practically useless' one?!?

...at the end of the day, really just curious at-the-moment regarding the female 9-pins relating to the Controller and PSU, which ThermalTake seemed to assume I would understand and that my motherboard would have, while TT pointedly didn't explain and my mobo doesn't appear to have. Any alternatives? - can they operate without? - if they're that important, why were they practically ignored in all the documentation?

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this female 9-pin connector is a ubs 2.0 header for your mobo. are you really sure you dont even have a single one of them on your mobo? 

My corsair PSU also has s mini-usb port to an internal usb 2.0 connection. in my case its for reading out stats like fan-speed, power draw and so on. in your case it could also be for sync the rbg 


as far as i  can see you have already populatet the usb2.0 header for your front IO(beneath the white 4-pin RGB header) now you have to decide whats more important, the front usb or the stats and possibly the syn of the LED's 


maybe consider taking a look in the manuals what they are for.


and i guess you should be able to sync all TT parts up. but i cant tell you if you need TT software or just asus aura....


i hope it helps a little bit :)

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