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Pacific PR22-D5


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Is it possible to rotate the top of the reservoir so the ports can be better aligned? Being persnickety I would like to rotate the top so Thermaltake script is in line with the front of the Tower 900 case it is in. In the attached image I would like to rotate the top about 30 degrees counterclockwise.


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Yes you can tighten or loosen it to get it to turn the way you want it to work best for your tube runs, I do it all the time.

Consider you have 2 turning points, the cylinder that screws into the base and the top cap. Making adjustments to both of them should do the trick.

Now if it is still not there, what I like to do is take off the top cap then the cylinder and flip the cylinder around so the bottom is now the top and instll the top cap. The way the threads go will give you a different result and its just some adjustment that you can do to get it just right. Consider as well you can swap the down stem to the other side too as well.

I see you have coolant in there or maybe just distilled water, just drain it enough from the res and should be fine to make some changes :)

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