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Riing Plus LED issues


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Hello everyone, I have just made an account to discuss my issue. I turned on my computer, admiring the way the lights looked until I realized that the bottom fan in the front of my case had an LED that was a different color than the rest.


I tried looking around to see if anything was unplugged or not connected all the way. That wasn't the case (pun intended), so I decided to reinstall the software to see if that was an issue. No luck. I just bought these fans a couple weeks ago and they have been great so far. I'm hoping that somebody knows what I can do to fix the problem. Thanks and have a great day!

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Looks like a bad LED on the fan itself.

One thing to check, swap the fan into another port on the controller or swap 2 fans around on the controller.

See if the issue follows or stays to that port.

From there you should see what is the issue and will likely have to replace either the controller or the fan.

Contact our support for warranty options, we normally just swap out that part, not the entire thing FYI to make it easier for the user.

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