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aboutTT Premium Edition 120mm "warning controller no.16"

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Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB TT Premium Edition 120mm Software Enabled Circular 12 Controllable LED Ring Case/Radiator Fan - Five Pack - CL-F054-PL12SW-A  ,When i Launch TT RGB Plus show me "warning controller no.16"


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I'm going to assume you only have one controller, and it's saying error on controller 16 because the dip switches are set that way. I would refer to the manual and make sure you set the controller as the first one, per the dip switch positions.

Looks like you have four fans hooked up to the controller and not a fifth fan or LED strip. I believe you are seeing the error message because by default, the controllers assume a device is hooked up to each port. You should go into the Thermaltake RGB software and find the device that corresponds to your empty port on the controller and unassign it.

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Thanks Kewlmunky for the support!

The fans have a warning system build in, if nothing plugged into a port on the controller, it will alert you.

Disabling that port in the software will take it away and the controller icon will change from Red to Blue.

As for the controller assignment, suggest to change it to #1, but having it on 2-16 does not matter which.

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