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Unable to resize TT RGB Plus


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This is probably not something new, but I noticed that the TT RGB Plus app window size is very large. I remembered the first time I ran the app (around January 2018) it didn't go outside the screen size. 

I rarely change my fans settings therefore I haven't paid attention to it before, but today when I opened the app, it was huge and I am unable to resize the window, it just stuck at that large size. Also it does not respond to windows 10 automatic resize when you bumped the app to the edge of the screen to make it fit the screen size. So I had to drag it around to do some settings.

Not that it's a big deal or that it effects the setting itself, just thought it would be nice if I can fit the window on my screen so that I can see everything at once.

PS: I attached the screenshot of my desktop to show the size of the TT RGB Plus app window size. I spared some tiny spaces on the top and left size of the screen, even then the app window size still goes beyond the right and the bottom border of the screen.


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Did you get a new monitor? The software is based on your resolution and does not have a resize option.

Since version 1.1.6 we updated for 4K resolutions, latest version now is 1.2.1, make sure you got that, should be good. - sorry I cant see the version in your screenshot to know what you using atm.

If you still having an issue with the new version, let us know some system specs, resolutions and stuff like that and we can try to help.

Do a clean install of the software to see if that helps, manually delete the folder in C: after uninstall from Control panel.

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2 hours ago, qlooney said:

So I've downloaded the latest ver 1.2.1, uninstalled the previous one, delete the folder, and re-install, but still no go. Not comfortable to use but it is functional (as the one before) so I guess it's better than not working at all. Thanks anyway. ^_^


It is kind of big on 1080P compared to 2k/4k resolutions, but I get what you are saying. We are working on a new UI as well to help with more options like this. Still down the road, but will be a free update once ready.  - just to give you some incite on what we are doing to improve.

I noticed your icons at the bottom of the screenshot too, have you tried adjusting the "Scale and layout" options in display settings? does it help?

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