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Core P5 with water loop from the shop


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I would like to buy your case Core P5. But since im a beginner I want to ask you - I dont want to create my own water loop, I would like to buy a full set, most likely EK Water Blocks EK-KIT P360. Can I use it with this case? I cant really imagine where can I put the expansion tank in your chassis?

Also I have the  EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW HYBRID GAMING which already has its own water loop. Can I mount this GPU into this chassis? Im not really sure, where can I mount the fans coming from the GPU I dont really know if the pipes coming from the GPU are long enough to reach the "fan mount" spot on P5. Could you please send me the measurement from the GPU dock to the fan mount spot? Also could you please confirm me, that I can use these components with this chassis?


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Suggest to contact EK about any concerns with mounting their products.

For the Core P5 you have 2 options to mount the GPU (Horizontal/Vertical)  - if you go vertical you would also need to purchase a Riser cable.

Not really sure what you are asking here, the GPU will plug directly into your motherboard or to the vertical riser cable that then connects to the MB as well.

I don't have any measurement to answer your question, how the gpu will connect to the cooling is really up to you :)

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Hi Mike,

thank you for the answer I will try to contact EK.

Well, the problem (it might not even be a problem :) ) is that this GPU has its own water cooling loop. And I am not really sure if this chassis is prepaired for this option. I cant change the water loop in here and the water pipes on this GPU are just 20cm long, so I dont know if it will be enough to reach the fan mount spot to be able to mount the radiator in there. I hope you can understand how I mean this, I know my English is far from perfect, I am sorry for that :-) If not, I will try to paint it for you! :D

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Gotcha, yea cards can have both or one or the other. If the GPU has a AIO cooler attached, the P5 might not be the best option, i don't think it will reach.

You would be better off with Core P3 for the smaller size and shorter tube length, just depends on what you also want to do for CPU cooling.

Might even want to consider a more traditional style case like View 31 or even View 71 to accommodate more radiator mounting options for multiple components. 

I have seen people use 2 separate radiators on the P5, but i dont recommend it.

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