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TT Sync Controller with Riing Plus 12 and Pacific Lumi Plus LED Strips not all working together


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Hello Everyone,

I am running into an issue with my setup and maybe the TT community can assist.

- I am trying to run the TT sync controller with 6 Riing Plus 12 RGB fans and Pacific Lumi Plus LED (3 LED strips). This is connected to my ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E Gaming Motherboard.

I have the controller hooked into the addressable header to control all the lighting effects via the ASUS AURA program.

If your looking at the controller starting at the side with the power supply cable (SATA) and RGB Addressable header connector, I have the 6 fans plugged in the first 6 available slots as you go in a counter clockwise direction, them I attempted to plug in the 3 Pacific Lumi Plus strips in the 3 remaning slots. all the fans work and are easily controlled by ASUS AURA. the LED strips don't want to work at all. I have moved them around to different ports in different orders and cant seem to get all the fans and all the strips to work at the same time. I have gotten all the strips working but then some fans don't work and vice versa. Please note I did read that Pacific Lumi Plus is supposed to be installed after all other items, thus me putting the 6 fans first then the 3 strips. but maybe the LED strips cant all be on the same side of the controller? or they cannot be populated in the slot on each side with the dot on top and marked 1 on bottom?

Any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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