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  1. Yes, that's it. One other consideration though - if you only have 1 USB 2.0 connection on your mother board you'll probably want to get an internal USB hub so that you can still connect the front panel 2.0 USB ports.
  2. I just built a rig with that exact case and Riing Plus Fans. The Riing Plus Fans come with 9 pin cables and will only work with their controller or a TT Sync Controller. The fans that come with the case won't work with the Riing Plus controller (unless someone has a pinout of the controllers and or fans and you make an adapter). You can plug in up to 5 devices each into the Plus Controller and you can daisy chain them together. So you would need to get 3 more plus fans to use those controllers. They connect to the motherboard via USB 2.0 if I remember correctly.
  3. Do you see all 9 devices under Asus Aura? If you set it to Static can you control the color on each one individually?
  4. The top would but you'd have to make your own bracket. The width of the standard bracket is 140mm
  5. Kewlmunky is correct. I have both of these controllers and the one you have connects to the USB 2.0 - 9 pin connection on the motherboard. If your motherboard only has 1 of these connections and you want to connect other internal USB 2.0 devices such as an RGB powersupply or front case USB 2 connectors you can use one of these - Nzxt Internal USB Hub Controller. I find that it works well.
  6. I'm having the same problem but with only my 140 mm Riing Premium Fans. My 120 mm Riing premium fans work fine. What I observed was that it only happens when the fans are running at low speeds. My system is water cooled so it runs at a pretty low temp. In the AI Suite Fan tuning I set the minimum speed to 200 rpm and the flicker on the 140 mm fans stopped. However my system also treats all of the fans as one block instead of individually with respect to RGB color changes. Any thoughts on this?
  7. The fans that you reference in the installation PDF are designed to be used by connecting to the PWM and RGB connector on the motherboard. They don't use a separate controller. If this is what you've purchased then just follow the installation instructions and you should be set. However, I think you may be finding different generations of fans / controllers as you researching this subject. This generation Thermaltake Riing 12 RGB LED 120mm High Static Pressure Adjustable Color Case Radiator Fan with Anti-Vibration Mounting uses the older style manual controller an
  8. Does anyone happen to have the pinout schematic for the these fans or the TT Sync Controller? Ultimately I'd like to use the TT Sync Controller to control other RGB devices. I have an EKWD water block and pump that I'd like to control the RGB with the same TT Sync Controller.
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