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Connection order for 2 x TT Sync Controller TT Premium Edition

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I was hoping for some guidance connecting 10 items to 2 TT Sync controllers -- unfortunately 1 item over the controller limit, so I need two :).  It's my first experience with RGB lighting, and feeling a bit in over my head.  I have an Asus Maximus XI Code motherboard -- two 5v addressable headers, and two 12v RGB (but I don't think these come into play at all here), so this is to control everything with Aura Sync.

Top of case:

Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition (1 x pump, 3 x Riing Plus 12 RGB TT Premium Edition fans)

Front of Case:

3 x Riing Plus 12 RGB TT Premium Edition fans

Bottom of Case:

 3 x Riing Plus 12 RGB TT Premium Edition fans

My first question is whether or not there is a specific order to connect each group of fans.  I know from the manual that the dots represent the 'first' connection in each group.  But does each group on the controller fire off simultaneously? or in sequence? I haven't used Aura Sync before, but I'm imagining if there is a lighting effect that runs through all the connected items, I would want it to look like they're are all lit in the same direction (the effect would run across the top fans, down the front, and then back across the bottom).  The manual shows fans being added starting on the bottom three connectors of the controller, but the installation video starts at the top three.

Second, does it matter where the pump is connected on the TT Sync in this sequence (always first, always last, etc)?  I assume I would not want to connect the PWM from the TT Sync for the group that it's plugged into, since the pump should always be going full-speed (is this no longer the case?).  The pump manual says it will be plugged into the CPU_FAN header (asus mobo Q-fan controlled), but I also have a 4-pin AIO_PUMP header which is full-speed -- not Q-fan controlled -- according to the my motherboard manual.  Which is correct?

I was thinking of having 1 TT Sync with the 9 fans (top 3 plugged into the top of it, front 3 plugged into the side, bottom 3 into the bottom, 3 PWM connections) and the second with the pump connected by itself, no PWM connection from the controller (just directly from pump to the motherboard).  All assuming there is a clockwise nature to the order of the controller plugs. 1 TT sync controller per 5V ADD_Header. Would that work? 

Alternatively, to split the wiring more evenly between the two controllers: Have the top 3 fans + pwm plugged into the top of controller 1, pump into the first plug on the side of  controller 1 (no pwm).  Front 3 fans plugged into the top of controller 2 + pwm, bottom 3 fans into side of controller 2 + pwm.

Not sure if I'm explaining this well, so let me know if I can clarify anything.

Thanks for any help!

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1. the ports dont matter as long as you connect the first port on the one side with the "DOT" on it. Also, if you are using fans on that side and want PWM control, you have to connect the PWM cable to it for each side and then control in the bios. Each side will all be the same yes. I dont think asus has a sequence mode on theirs that I saw, but I know we have it with our TT RGB Plus software so should not be an issue. 

2. You can connect the Pump LED to anything, shouldn't matter. If you dont have any fans connected either to that side, you dont have to use the PWM, it will only work for fans. Speeds and settings for the LEDs are set in the MB software, it is not a physical connection or control off the sync controller. 

Should be fine to use the second controller for just the pump header LED, gives you some room as well for add ons later like some LED strips. I would also suggest if you can avoid putting all the load on one controller, split it up, but it still should not matter.


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