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Floe Riing TT RGB Gaming/Movie mode not working


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I have the Floe Riing 280 installed on my TT View 71 RGB case (Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 mb). Everything works fine except nothing happens in the "gaming" or "movie" modes. I'm currently running version 1.2.4 and all the other modes besides these seem to work. 

Is there something I need to enable or disable in order for this to work? Does something else need to be plugged into the controller (or vise-versa)?

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To add to the sound control modes, all you need to do to get the maximum effect is have the system sound turned up. With system sound at 100% you will get the max effect regardless of the sound volume on the output device. 

In saying that, the effect is too weak imo, it needs to have more effect which is the feedback I have already provided. 

Waiting for our software team to update, it is a kind of new feature, more to deal with than just that. we also have some more stuff coming to, they just working out the detail atm.

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أهلا. يسعدني الانضمام ، أريد أن أخبركم قليلاً عن نفسي. هوايتي الرئيسية هي المقامرة تعرّف على مزيد من المعلومات ، أحب زيارة الكازينوهات في جميع أنحاء العالم. لذلك تمكنت من رؤية بلدان مختلفة جدًا ، وشاهدت العديد من المواقع المختلفة. أريد أن أضع لنفسي هدف زيارة جميع دول العالم.

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