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Riing Plus ARGB Controller issues


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The ARGB controller supplied with the Riing plus12 3 pack I purchased is faulty.

Have to twist the power connector to get it to work at all.

Diassembly and inspection of the power connector shows poor soldering but it turns out this wasnt the problem.

The black plastic part of the power connector slides forward when you unplug it. See pics.

Simply pushing it back down the pins with your thumbnail solves the problem.  This can be done without disassembly. 

This rendition of the controller has no molded port numbers on the back as prevoius models do with a board revision of B Fan Box R02 2017/07/03.

Also in case no ones noticed yet the power connector on the controller uses a standard floppy drive power connector and pinout so the included power lead does not have to be used.

Both negative pins are required by the controller. If one is broken LEDs will not scroll. If 5V drops to low LEDs will not scroll.

Hope this helps someone else.







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I was wrong in my previous post
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