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Floe Riing 360 Premium Installation


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I have just installed this cooler - the mechanical part... a troublesome experience for me

I have an AM3+ socket and find the TT cooler standoffs got no thread nuts with it? (board side!) - the particular teething problem here is that the TT standoff's thread size is a notch smaller hence the original nut is too big for the TT standoff.

Why O Why are those 4 nuts not included???
I measured the original standoff thread being 3.7 mm (diameter) while the TT standoff is just 3.3mm! - see attachment (silver original one)
I fixed the issue by using teflon tape, okay, but this should not happen and could have been prevented by supplying those 4 nuts!

On a good note - electrically all was working right away.. see attachment

and, btw, if you have the View71 or similar.. remove the top panel dust mesh since it lowers max CPU temperature by another 15 Celsius



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Thermaltake Melbourne sent me the wrong parts - the standoffs again even I requested the 4 fitting NUTS for the standoff. Now  I attached 2 images

First image explains (white dot) which fitting nuts (thread size ) I need

Second image explains what a nut is


Edit: TThey're not responding to me any more.... not unexpected but okay I get the drift - no more TT ever!





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Okay, this problem is fixed - just today the support guy told me the standoffs fit in the original mobo backplate only!

Hmm, my Gigabyte mobo (990FX) is 5 years old but I had a look in the retail box and, yes, there was another backplate and everything fits nicely now!

Okay, begs the question why is there no hint in the installation instructions? This could have saved me 2 weeks hassle with elevated CPU temperatures.
Now, properly installed, the LinpackXtreme benchmark's CPU temperature is down to ~50 Celsius (from ~60 Celsius b4)

Perhaps there is room for communication improvements - think about it, TT!




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