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Thermaltake DPS G App 3.1 PC Info is not working.s

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Using latest DPS G App 3.1 and it look like under PC info few things are messed up.

From I see following thing are not working correctly.

CPU not named correctly I have 9900k and it's showing Intel Core-3600 (#### no...)

GPU not yet supported , I have 2080ti installed at the moment. 


Also, on the main page I want to have LARGE letters readout of current output WATTAGE, in other words how much CURRENTLY in real time my PC is eating power. I mean I see PSU temp right next to it , why we don't have a graph+large letters. Also why not make an option to minimize whole thing and put in task bar any readout we want. PSU Temp or like in my case WATTAGE usage. Instead i need to guess what is current usage by looking at the line on the right side while looking on numbers on the right side.

I am new to Thermaltake and I went all in with TT Premium stuff for this build and honestly I am not impressed with software part of the situation. Hardware and topnotch , software not so much. I mean this is version 3.1 and UI can be a lot better, readouts task bar integration, may be MSI afterburner integration.


Unit in use is iRGB Plus 1250W


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Hi BoredNerd

Sorry for my lately reply!

Have you try newest version: V3.1.1

Check you CPU detect is correct or not.

About GPU issue, due to 2080 series is newest GPU, we will fix it and add these products into next version.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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