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RGB 1.2.5 ... can this be true?


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see screenshot!

IntelBurnTest and LinpackExtreme running concurrently..
..and CPU temperature keeps ~40 Celsius while rad fans' speed stays a bit above idle?!

This is quite a stark contrast compared to 1.2.4 where fans were ~1500rpm heating up the room in a jiffy


BTW, RGB 125 is not auto starting in standard user accounts (Win10) - only admin account is fine!
version 124 did not have this problem.




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Turn off PWM, the values are static set in the software, but it will not change if the CPU temp does not. 

I dont follow the difference on that part much, just a setting it seems you need to adjust.

Can you give more info on the start process you mention, I want to try and recreate it.

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2 minutes ago, ThermalMike said:


Thanks for the info, I will pass this off to our team to take a look.

Is there a particular reason why you are not using a admin account on windows?



The reason I stay away from the admin account? much better (online) security/safety to work as a standard user!

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