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120mm rgb pure software stopped opening

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I bought a thermaltake pure rgb fans 120mm .. and it was working fine then suddenly the software stopped opening and am stuck on the same color and  speed and its a bit noisy.. how can i fix this,? I reinstalled software a couple of times and changed slot inside the motherboard usb but still nothing is happening.. help please

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I think I may be having the same issue. When I try to run the software, it appears in my task manager as well as my task bar for a quick second and disappears, before even fully opening.

I have tried reinstalling older versions of the software, full admin privelages, safe mode, disabling anti-virus, unplugging the controller - everything. Nothing works!

I will keep trying to find a solution but any help is greatly appreciated.

Specs are: Windows 10 x64, Intel i7 4790k, AMD RX Vega 64

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It was working fine and i like the fans but now its annoying because sometimes i dont want the light when iam watching a movie.. i click and nothing .and the speed theyre at is relatively noisy . iam waiting for a reply because i can return them via amazon but i need to make sure i tried everything and so am waiting for a reply from thermaltake

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