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360 Floe premium pump speed 1800rpm??

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hello good, as the title says in the bios at 1800 rpm no more there in my z370 pro carbon, in AC or PWM mode, tested on the CPU fan and PUMP FAN equal in both equal and in the specifications the pump should give at 3600 rpm, to tell me if it's normal or some fault


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5 hours ago, anubis5124 said:

the temperatures round for my 8700k@4.7 all cores under load playing about 60-66C, at rest 35-40C, then as you say I should not worry about the rpm of the pump ??

thanks for answering

Yep, same temps/range  for my Floe 360 - looks all fine to me!

Why more RPM noise when 1800 is sufficient and quieter?


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