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Smart 750W Bronze won't power Asus M4A78T-E


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I just purchased a Smart 750W Bronze, I now see the specs ATX12V v2.4 and EPS v2.92

However this won't power on Asus M4A78T-E, I realize that this mobo is old as I bought it in 2009, but it's still working. I checked their specs and they only say ATX12v without a version number. It requires 24pin+4pin. The user manual does not show a version. How do I find out what version it needs?


The current power supply is a PC Power & Cooling ModXStream 700 OCZ700MXSP , which says it will handle ATX12V & v2.2 EPS12V


I thought that maybe the 24pin pinouts are different, but Google' did not find that to be the case, someone posted a wiki to show the differences, which I only see that v2.4 will keep PWN_ON low for more than a millisecond, would v2.2 require less than 1ms?


Is there a way to get this Smart 750W Bronze to work with my old mobo?

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what we think it should support the ASUS M4A78T-E

So, can you help to install the PSU to another PC system to test whether the Power Supply work or not? 

If not, please find following for customer service support


USA/Canada/South America:






Australia/ New Zealand:



International Global Customers:



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