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Riing Trio RGB fans fault


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I am new here. Using Windows 10 - all software updated. Have purchased 3x12inch and 3x14inch Riing Trio Rgb fans. I have two problems:


1. Upon installation the Tt RGB Plus software keeps throwing up a error message "warning controller 1", or "2" or "3". It does it intermittently.

I have uninstalled usimg revo pro uninstaller and reinstalled, but same problem comes up.


2. The middle fan on both sets of fans does not show the right colours on the centre rgb ring (see photo). This happens on various software settings including 'static' and 'temp'. Given it is happening on one fan for both fans sets, it might be the software. 

Can anyone shed light on this?





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Judging by your screenshot, it looks like you need to go to the non used ports, in the software, and set them to off. The software does not detect unused ports on its own. Do this for both controllers. That should make your warning go away.

I don't own the Trios, so I'm not experienced with how they work. But it appears to me you can cycle through the 3 light rings with the numbers just above the light mode. Do you have to set the light mode per ring, maybe? If that doesn't work, try changing the port that the problem fan on each set is in and see if the problem stays with the same fan.

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Thankyou kewlmunky for your reply. 

Looks like you are correct - you can adjust each of the different zones individually i.e. 1, 2, 3 control different LEDs sections of the ring. 

I am going to try and see if adjusting the ports makes a difference to the errors and will report back. 


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