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thermaltake madrid 850w how to power 8pin + 4pin CPU ?


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I have a Gigabyte x399 motherboard? it goes with 2 cpu power sockets 8 pin and 4pin. Madrid 850w PSU have only  one 8 pin EPS (4+4) wire.

I connected  it to 8 pin socket on motherboard . Question is how to connect second 4pin CPU power socket? 

Additionally it has 2 red 8pin Pci-e sockets.

Is the 8pin(6+2) pcie different fom 8pin(4+4) cpu (some psu models mark them like  they are the same )? Can i use  wire like that(photo attached), keys on the wire are the same, or do i need some molex to 4pin converter ? Iam a bit confused because of keys, is wiring the same or not?



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Hi There

Thank you for contacting us. according to your problem I suggest you to get 8 pin PCIE to 8 pin CPU adapter, such as this one below:


Of course you can get Molex to 4 pin PCIE adapter but since Molex's threshold is not as high as 8pin PCIE, I still recommend go for  8 pin PCIE to 8 pin CPU adapter.

Finally, do not plug the PCIE cable to CPU directly! For this model, they have different pin assignment and you could damage your VGA card by doing so!

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