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Commander C35


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Thermaltake sent over the new commander c35 to review, and well why not build in it. First I have to say for a budget minded case this thing is impressive. The tempered glass side panel is heavy, which is uncommon for a case in this price range. It also comes with 3 preinstalled fans, 1 120mm fan in the rear and 2  200mm ARGB that can be controlled via the rgb button on the case, or sync with your motherboard. For the price this is one of the best cases I've seen. OK this isn't the review so let's get building lol. This is a budget build using as many thermaltake products as I can so don't expect any high end hardware :)

First here's a few shots of the case with and without the front panel. 



Next is the motherboard and gpu I am using for this build. I painted the io cover on the B450 to match the beautiful backplate on the sapphire nitro rx580. 


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Love this build well done!! I have just bought the c35 and completed my build (ryzen 7 2700x, x370 taichi MB, zotac 1080ti mini, 16gb corsair lpx ram)

i have a couple of questions, on your build how did you do the TT logo on the side? Is it fixed to the tempered glass side panel or fixed in the case somehow (i like how it covers up the empty void if u dont water cool)

2nd do you know if there is a way to control the fan speed on the 2 200mm fans when connected to the fan hub thing? My MB doesnt have an ADDRGB 5v header to connect to directly

any advice would be very helpful. Thanks Ads

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