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Are TT Riing and Pumps PWM controlled?


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I'm just planning a new case for my system and want to use Riing trio fans (140s and 120s) as well as a PR22-D5 plus in a View 71 snow (as well as LED strips and a W4) but I want to have fine control on the fan speed based on CPU temp.

I'm used to using the ASUS motherboard AI-Suite for fan control with my old TT Ring fans, but I can't see what PWM controls there are in the software.

So for the Trios, they seem to plug to their controllers and you would appear to be able to select the fan speeds, but can the speeds be set to an automatic speed profile based on case temp, or water temp or cpu temp (and so on).

Likewise the PR22-D5 Plus, I can see there appears to be a speed control switch on the pump, but that's not exactly helpful once the case is sealed, so can the pump speed be controlled via PWM or via the TT RGB Plus software, again based on in case/water/cpu temperatures.

I want to go for as near silent as possible, but if I play games or do heavy processing have everything ramp up to manage the heat.

Any help or advice appreciated.

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Yes they are, what bothers me though what I cant figure out is my board does fine, but when I hook them into the SAME connector with my TT digital fan controller, it does not work?? Shows fan speed, but cant control the stupid fans like the MB does! Does not make any sense  LOL, I have 9 hooked into my TT sync, and using three PWM headers, and the cool and quiet does just fine, so you should be good !  I have a Swifttrech MCP 50 pump, and the board does a great job on showing and controlling the speed seen from the AIO software 

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